The Razor SuperSet - 4 pcs

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Please ! Do not fall in love with our brand new Beard Shave Superset ;)




Straight Razor:
* Straight Edge Shaving Razor
* Ergonomic designed - Steel blade with grid resin handle. The product is designed and engineered to be perfectly blanced. 

* Double sided 400/1500 combination grit whetstone for precision sharpening
* Features coarse fine grit,Hand wash only
* Perfect solution for blunt knives
Tips:The stone should be kept wet throughout the sharpening process by sprinkling with water/oil, which act as a lubricant on the stone.

* Pure cattle leather + canvas
--Pure leather one side(the leather can be seen and touch ) 
--Pure canvas(without Chemical bleach or decorator)
* Strop used for final touch


Width(razor):~2cm or 3/4 inch
Length(Head):~7.5cm or 3 inch
Length(Closed):~14cm or 5 1/2 inch
Length(Opened):~23cm or 9 inch
Net weight(Razor):~50g

Team Shaving Tips:

Whether to shave with the grain or against the grain (ATG) is one of the most commonly asked questions about shaving. While shaving in the same direction as your hair grows (with the grain) might allow you to avoid irritation, it also can keep you from getting the close or smooth shave you want. First, determine the direction of your hair growth by rubbing your hand or a credit card across your face. The direction in which you encounter resistance is ATG. Then, especially if your beard is coarse, hydrate your skin for at least three minutes (ideally during a hot shower), as this can reduce the force required to cut hair by up to 70%. Next, apply a shaving gel. This will help prevent nicks and cuts, and soften hair for a more comfortable and close shave.

Finally, try shaving with the grain first and then ATG if necessary. Reapplying shave gel or foam before going ATG also can help ;)

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